Version 11.0

New Version 11.0 – possibly the biggest update for EZBIS yet!

EZBIS 11.0 adds dozens of new capabilities to make treating your patients faster and more efficient. Just a sampling of new features:

New “Body Charts” view in EHR
The EZBIS Electronic Health Records now features a Body Charts view that displays human body figures, allowing you to select a body part, including specific vertebrae, bones, muscles or more general areas for patients’ subjective complaints.

Custom Panels in Electronic Health Records
One of the most common enhancement requests that we have received for the EZBIS Electronic Health Records is to be able to customize the screens to show the information about a patient that is most helpful when treating that patient. Version 11.0 allows you to customize the EHR Panels to quickly view a patient’s information all in one screen. Reveal what you want to see and conceal what you don’t. You can use one or two panels and position them on either side of the screen.

Alerts for re-exams, schedule changes and more
The Scheduling panel in the EHR alerts the doctor when re-exams are due to be performed, when the treatment schedule is due to be changed, or for other special scheduling. Once a doctor creates a care plan for a patient, the scheduling panels are an easy way for the doctor to determine when to make changes to the appointment schedule, schedule exams or to arrange for other special encounters.

There’s lots more! Click here to get more info about version 11.0!

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