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The E-Z BIS EHR module makes it easy to record patient health information, enter daily notes and generate complete, professional narratives, SOAP notes and other health documentation. E-Z BIS EHR is TOTALLY integrated with the billing, scheduling and other features of the E-Z BIS Office practice management software. E-Z BIS office is ONC-certified for the Meaningful Use Incentive program.

Paperless Office

With E·Z BIS EHR, you can skip the paper charts, viewing and entering health information directly into your computer system. E·Z BIS EHR offers total flexibility for entering data. You can carry a tablet PC, use touch-screen computers in each treatment room, or enter patient information with conventional desktop or laptop computers. There’s even a way to use the built-in travel sheets to record information on paper for later data-entry into the computer.

Fully Integrated

One of the biggest benefits to using E·Z BIS Electronic Health Records is that the EHR information is tightly integrated with the other modules and features of the comprehensive E·Z BIS Office practice management software. Unlike stand-alone EHR or EMR systems, there is no duplicate data entry involved. Enter the information once and it is used for health records, billing, and scheduling. As you enter the treatment information in your daily notes, the billing codes are entered for you, automatically. This eliminates the chance for data-entry errors by staff members since the codes are precisely the ones that you specify.

Complete Patient Health Records

With E·Z BIS EHR, you can record the history of the injury or illness, family history, current and past medications, previous treatments, tests and surgeries, allergies, contraindications, pertinent social behaviors, exam results, x-ray findings and impressions, diagnosis, assessments, prognosis, treatment plans, SOAP notes and even more! All of the information that you need to effectively treat your patients is right at your fingertips at all times!
In addition to entering data directly into E·Z BIS EHR, you can also import other health data by scanning-in paper documents or importing digital documents and x-rays. A built-in DICOM x-ray viewer is included to display your digital x-rays.

Fast, Easy Data Entry

We’ve designed E·Z BIS EHR to make the entering of patient health information quick and easy so that the documentation does not get in the way of treating your patients. Our exam wizard prompts you for test results, in your pre-designated order. SOAP notes are recorded in seconds, using our unique on-screen travel card. One of the unique features of E·Z BIS EHR is its ability to display the previous SOAP notes, test results and x-ray findings for a patient while recording the information for a new visit or exam. You can scroll backwards and view the entire SOAP note history! Other software packages simply can’t provide this kind of feedback to the doctor.

In the Payment Posting Ledger, a bulk insurance check is split, so that disbursals for all patients are done at once, on the same screen! You can simply take an explanation of benefits (EOB) and enter the information off the page, right into a single screen. You enter the payment amount, the allowed amount, discounts or other payment reductions and the patient responsibility. The appropriate adjusting entries are performed for you...automatically! You can even perform patient write-offs or charges along the way!

ERA (electronic remittance advice) Auto-Posting (requires Collection Desk module)

Now, you can receive the insurance payment information electronically in the form of an electronic remittance advice (ERA). These ERAs can be received by your E-Z BIS software and then posted automatically!

Professional Reports

When you need printed reports, E·Z BIS EHR delivers great-looking, professional documentation at the click of a button. You can choose from a library of templates for narratives, initial or interim reports, radiology reports, Medicare PART documentation, SOAP notes and many more. You can modify the templates or design your own from scratch. E·Z BIS EHR uses our exclusive “intelli-phrase” text generation technology. This innovation assists in creating SOAP note reports that don’t sound “canned” or computer-generated. If you prefer, you can use your own specific wording as an alternative to the automatically generated text. Your documents are well-written, polished and professional.

Make it Your Own

E·Z BIS EHR can be modified in numerous ways, to make the software match your style of recording health information and to make the data-entry and printed documentation fit your needs and your documentation style.

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