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Electronic Claims Service

E·Z BIS now offers a perfect solution for filing claims electronically. We have teamed up with Emdeon (formerly WebMD), the largest electronic claims clearinghouse in the U.S. to provide an efficient and cost-effective EDI (electronic data interchange) service.

Several factors set this new service apart from other electronic claim clearinghouse alternatives:

Highly Automated

Unlike most other methods for filing claims electronically, the Emdeon service is designed specifically for E·Z BIS software. We developed the interface to prepare and send claims in a single, streamlined process. In fact, filing claims electronically requires no additional procedures. Using other third-party clearinghouses, there are usually several extra cumbersome steps needed for transmitting the claims.

With Emdeon, the E·Z BIS software automatically detects which claims should be sent electronically and transmits them through the modem. Status reports for previously transmitted claims are received from Emdeon and automatically printed without extra hassle.

E·Z BIS Support

With most clearinghouses, obtaining technical support can be a difficult or impossible task. When calling a third-party clearinghouse with a problem, often the solution offered is “It’s the practice management software’s fault. Call your software company.”

This kind of finger-pointing is frustrating—to say the least. With the E·Z BIS/Emdeon connection, we handle all of the support for the electronic claims process. You get the same high level of assistance that you have come to expect for your E·Z BIS software.

Lower Cost

A recent study of healthcare providers, sponsored by the State of New Jersey, showed the tremendous savings available when using electronic claims:

Not only do you save over paper claims, but with flat-rate monthly pricing for commercial insurance, costs are considerably lower than those of most other clearinghouses. For only $84.99 per month, you can send an unlimited number of claims, receive unlimited ERAs and make unlimited eligibility requests. (requires version 9.0 or higher. You can even submit claims to Emdeon that should be printed on paperclaim forms. Emdeon willprint and mail the claims for you, for no extra charge!


Emdeon Electronic Claim Rates:

Initial Set-up Fee
Monthly flat fee for per provider, based on rendering provider NPI

Monthly fee includes unlimited claims, ERAs and eligibility transactions for all payers. Requirements: HIPAA-compliant claims require EZBIS version 8.3 or higher. nternet connection needed. Eligibility transactions require EZBIS version 9.0 or higher.

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