EZBIS Basic is a chiropractic billing software system that provides everything needed for billing, but also provides advanced practice management tools for chiropractic office management. The modular design of EZBIS software allows for ultimate flexibility. You can start with EZBIS Basic for billing and patient accounting and later add other EZBIS modules for electronic health records, appointment scheduling and more. EZBIS Basic is a combination of the Filing, Billing and Reports modules, which provides everything needed for patient accounting, insurance and patient billing and all capabilities necessary to handle cash practices, personal injury and workers compensation.

EZBIS Basic offer many unique features that make your office a model of efficiency. Here is just a sampling of the capabilities included:

  • The exclusive EZBIS Batch Entry System speeds up daily entry procedures by allowing you to enter an unlimited number of transactions per patient in this one batch screen.
  • The Batch entry system also tracks full balances AND patient portions due, warns for insurance plan limits on charges and visits, tracks automatic co-payment and deductibles and allows you to select from multiple “Fee Schedules” for the most accurate pricing of services. “Walk-out” receipts can be printed or viewed on-screen.
  • After entering the day’s charges and payments, you can print a Deposit Slip Report that provides the total cash and an itemization of the checks for your bank deposit.
  • One-step insurance processing automatically bills all charges that have not yet been billed, electronically or on paper claim forms.
  • A Pre-Insurance Report “screens” claims for missing information. This allows you to correct the patients’ information before processing to avoid claim rejections. Your cash flow is improved by avoiding weeks of delays caused by rejections.
  • For patient billing, the easy-to-read monthly patient statements clearly show how much is owed, thereby reducing phone calls from patients. Optionally, statements can be sent electronically to the MyPatientSite.coom patient portal.
    There, patients can see and pay the amount due online! *
  • For those with busy personal injury practices, we can even handle your attorney billing. EZBIS can automatically generate statements for all of your PI cases, to keep attorneys advised of treatment status.
  • Cash payment plans offer an easy way to manage monthly payment plans or one-time up-front payment plans. With the optional XCharge, credit cards can be automatically charged for the monthly payments.
  • An extensive inventory-control system provides point of sale checkout, re-order calculation and real-time inventory counts.
  • A multitude of pre-designed reports for billing, collections, patient relations and marketing help you to better manage your practice. Reports such as the practice analysis, analysis of services, new patient report and statistical graphs help to show the current status of your business, as well as historical data and future trends.
  • Besides the dozens of pre-defined reports from which to choose, you can also design your own custom-written reports and save the report design for future use. This powerful tool can print columnar reports, mailing labels and form letters. You can also export patient data to Microsoft Excel.
  • On-screen graphs are available for practice statistics including total or average charges, receipts, visits, new patients, collection percentages and more.

* Optional feature

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